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CrystaX NDK 10.2.0 released!
06/24/2015 07:01 AM

We're glad to announce the release of CrystaX NDK 10.2.0!

We're moving further as promised, and in this release, we've fixed many bugs and implemented many improvements. See the list below for the main features introduced in this version.

Objective-C v2

We've added support of Objective-C v2 runtime (i.e., compatible with Apple's Objective-C runtime) and initial Cocoa-compatible frameworks (Foundation and CoreFoundation).

We'd like say thank you to GNUstep and the Cocotron community - without these awesome open source projects, adding Objective-C v2 support to CrystaX NDK would have been much more difficult. Thank God (and RMS), nowadays, we have many open source projects around helping each other, so overall efficiency is just great in the FOSS world!

This is the first step on a long path, but we aim to continue working on Objective-C support, and invite all interested parties that can help us. We're happy to take any kind of help to make Objective-C a first-class citizen on Android!

Here is a small example of how to start using Objective-C v2 on Android.

Boost 1.58.0

We've included two versions of pre-built Boost libraries in this release - 1.57.0 and 1.58.0. Just use Boost on Android and forget about compilation problems!

Remember, we're running regular regression testing of Boost libraries, so you can always see how specific Boost libraries work on Android: master and develop.

Clang 3.6

We've added a new clang-3.6 toolchain, with backporting of all fixes we did in clang-3.4 and clang-3.5. This is default "clang" toolchain now; in other words, if you specify "NDK_TOOLCHAIN_VERSION := clang" in your, clang-3.6 will be chosen.

Also, we've updated LLVM libc++ to release_36 upstream branch, so it's the most up-to-date version.

PNG, JPEG and TIFF libraries

We've added pre-built libpng-1.6.17, libjpeg-9a and libtiff-4.0.4beta, so there is no need to build them anymore on your own; just use something like that in your
include $(CLEAR_VARS)

LOCAL_MODULE           := test-static
    libpng_static         \
    libjpeg_static        \


include $(CLEAR_VARS)

LOCAL_MODULE           := test-shared
    libpng_shared         \
    libjpeg_shared        \


$(call import-module,libpng/1.6.17)
$(call import-module,libjpeg/9a)
$(call import-module,libtiff/4.0.4beta)

These libraries are also included in the auto-generated standalone toolchain, so it becomes much easier to use Android toolchains for autotools-enabled builds:



And last but not least, there have been numerous bug fixes and small improvements, leading to better behavior of CrystaX NDK. Here is a full list of tickets we've closed in 10.2.0.


Download CrystaX NDK 10.2.0 here and enjoy!

Alternatively, if you're on OS X and use the Homebrew, just type:

brew install crystax-ndk


Our contributors: