This project has been on hold since 2016
All the data on this site is still available (and will stay available) but not up-to-date anymore
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We are available for consulting and are ready to help with the development of any project targeted to mobile devices. We can help with porting existing projects to Android and do it in a way that keeps maximum portability to other platforms (iOS, Blackberry, Linux, OS X, Windows, etc).

Examples of projects we can help with include the following:

  • Games intended to run on a wide range of mobile platforms.
  • Business software with stable and solid core that is already running on desktop platforms but needs to be ported to Android.
  • Audio/video processing software, such as VoIP projects

Our rates are flexible, depending on project. Contact us with your budget and we will try our best to make it happen!


You can sponsor our work and help us continue building a great project that benefits you and everyone else.

Sponsors send us money every month (the minimum is $200; there is no upper limit), and in exchange, they enjoy a number of perks. Every month, an invoice can be delivered if required. Similarly, a contract may be signed if required, although we will never require it.

Sponsors can have a direct, private line of communication. Their concerns take greater precedence than other, non-critical issues.

Sponsors get priority for consulting or training needs.

Sponsors can have their name associated with the CrystaX NDK project. This is essentially advertisement through sponsoring. They would be featured in the README of the project, which is viewed by hundreds of developers daily. This is optional and at the request of the sponsor only.

Sponsors can be listed on the front page of the CrystaX website. This, too, is optional and at the request of the sponsor only.

Sponsors may choose to end the sponsoring arrangement at any time.


Our contributors: